Why Is Fitness Important In Our Life? Importance Of Physical Fitness 2021

Why Is Fitness Important In Our Life?

Physical activity or exercise can improve your health and reduce the risk of developing several diseases like type 2 diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. Physical activity and exercise can have immediate and long-term health benefits. Most importantly, regular activity can improve your quality of life. A minimum of 30 minutes a day can allow you to enjoy these benefits.  Why Is Fitness Important?

The “87” Reasons For Why Is Fitness Important?

  • You get healthy
  • you fall less sick
  • you get better at what you do
  • you feel strong
  • you work better
  • your focus improves
  • your eating habits change
  • you spend less money on junk thereby saving money
  • you sleep well
  • you look better
  • your approach towards various things in life changes, trust me, a healthy body leads to a healthy mind too
  • Chances of getting BP issues to go down
  • chances of getting diabetes go down
  • chances of getting high cholesterol levels go down
  • chances of heart diseases go down
  • lifestyle diseases can be avoided to a very large extent
  • A healthy body a healthy mind can do wonders
  • If you love fitness and study more on it, a new career door opens for you
  • If you learn the art of fitness and can create the value you can easily quit your job and start your own business
  • if you choose a career in fitness, not only money but also the satisfaction of positively impacting peoples lives is what you get
  • One person with fitness conscious in a family does greatly impact the family’s fitness too. Congrats, you can also help your family get fit!
  • You start looking more attractive to your partner (doesn’t mean you look bad to your partner if you aren’t fit, just an added advantage I mean)
  • You feel energetic
  • Chances of hair fall may go down with an active lifestyle
  • Obesity is never gonna be a problem you face with an active lifestyle
  • Your confidence improves
  • You are less prone to injuries with a strong physique
  • with improved physical and mental strength, you start to deal with your everyday problems more efficiently
  • You start to realize all the damage you have been doing to yourself with all the wring foods you’ve been eating all the while till now
  • You start to be calorie conscious
  • you start to read the ingredient list before eating anything to make sure you are not eating the wrong foods
  • You start to manage your food cravings
  • lifestyle changes and thereby your life too
  • You start to understand the harm you do to your body because of all the excess sugary foods you’ve been eating
  • you realize you’re best at your optimal weight
  • you realize you feel light with all the weight loss and feel good
  • you realize how important food is
  • you realize that just 30–45 minutes of exercise can magically change your life for good
  • you realize that many diseases have their footprints in the wrong foods

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  • you realize that food is fuel
  • you realize how even an excess of good food can be bad
  • you realize how you can eat your favorite foods without impacting your health
  • you start to know how to manipulate food according to your goals
  • Fitness a game of patience and consistency. You start to see them both improving in even your everyday life
  • You realize emotional eating is not good
  • you start to learn to say NO to social eating and emotional eating
  • you learn to cook! yeah people with fitness goals do cook their food
  • you learn to see foods in terms of carbs, fats, and proteins
  • you realize how important micro-nutrients are
  • You realize why sunlight exposure is important
  • You realize why water intake is important
  • you make it a point to drink water
  • You notice the health benefits of proper hydration
  • you realize how dehydrated have you been and how badly your body has been trying to tell you to drink more water
  • you avoid beverages
  • You realize sleep importance
  • You understand how the so-called brands cheat you by selling bad foods in the name of good foods
  • you start to sense the B.S behind the magic foods that claim to burn your fat in a day or two
  • You realize why sauna belts and late-night shady weight loss commercials are fake
  • You understand the difference between supplements and steroids
  • you understand why steroids in quest of chiseled abs in the shorted time possible is a big NO
  • You realize that fitness models that appear on magazine cover pages don’t look like that in real life
  • You realize that fitness cannot be achieved in a week or two
  • you thank yourself in your old age for having started your fitness journey in your young age after seeing your then counterparts struggling to cope up with their own daily activities
  • your breathing pattern changes and you realize the importance of complete breathing. Why Is Fitness Important?
  • you start to know why fat loss supplements don’t magically burn fat
  • you start to see that there is no food that can directly burn fat
  • you start to see why so many fitness supplements are stupid and fake
  • you start to see why whole foods are better than refined foods
  • you get to realize that skipping breakfast is okay
  • you get to realize that heavy night meals is not a crime and is okay
  • you get to realize that eating within your calorie requirement is important
  • you get to realize that fitness is a lot more than just gym
  • you get to realize that cardio is not as important as it is believed to be in fat loss
  • you get to realize that weight training is important
  • you get to realize that compound movements in the gym are important
  • you get to realize that ego lifting is of no good
  • you get to realize that skipping leg days in the gym is a big NO
  • You’ll start appreciating your looks at your right weight
  • You’ll start seeing your belly shrinking
  • You’ll get to see your cloth sizes dropping
  • You’ll get to see you’re more efficient than you thought you were
  • You’ll get to learn that there is no supplement that can help you lose fat
  • You’ll start inspiring people around you
  • You’ll start getting healthy not just in terms of physically, but mentally too
  • Your agility improves
  • Your stress handling gets better

So now You Understand that Why Is Fitness Important? And many more reasons can be told to get fit. Just start your fitness journey.

Why Is Fitness Important? All the best!

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