Steam Inhalation : Benefits, Sinus, Procedure, Cold & Cough 2021

Steam Inhalation : Benefits, Sinus, Cold & Cough

Hey there everyone! Many of us have respiratory problems. We are talking about Steam Inhalation Therapy. It is extremely helpful in dealing with the common cold, as well as bronchitis and allergies.

Additionally, it is rather easy, with very few cons. In this article, we’re going to cover all you need to know about steam inhalation therapy.

How To Do Steam Inhalation Therapy At Home?

Steam Inhalation Therapy is simply inhaling water vapor through your nostrils. While it can’t really cure anything, it can definitely help you prevent future respiratory problems. To do this properly, you would need a bowl of steaming water. After the bowl is put together, you will inhale the steam. The water vapor will enter your respiratory tracts.

It will help to loosen the mucus in your nose, throat, and lungs. There is no right or wrong way of doing this. However, just make sure to drape a towel around your head and shoulders. This will prevent the steam from escaping into the air, while you inhale. For a proper steam session, avoid doing it for more than 10 minutes. If possible, keep it to a minimum of 2–5. You can repeat a steam session twice a day. Just make sure there is a decent enough break between them.

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Now it’s time to turn our focus on how therapy helps us :

#1. Gives Temporary Relief From Cold

When you have cold, and cough, your nose and the upper respiratory tracts get blocked with mucus. This mucus doesn’t allow you to breathe properly. By loosening the mucus, the steam allows fora free flow of oxygen in the respiratory tracts. It restores your lung function to its original state, freeing you from your breathing problem. But how does this give temporary relief from the cold? Once the mucus has been liquified, it will most likely drip out of your nose.

In other words, it won’t be stuck in your nasal cavity anymore. When there is no mucus in your nasal cavity, the irritation will be gone. Along with it, the sensation that made your head feel slightly heavy will also be gone. You won’t feel like you want to sneeze. This is the temporary relief that we were talking about. Sadly though, it won’t last long. But hey, it is a homemade remedy and not a doctor’s prescribed medicine.

#2. Gives Temporary Relief From Sinus Infections

Your nasal passages have cavities, which are susceptible to inflammation. When that happens, you get a sinus infection. In most cases, a sinus infection can be triggered by a common cold or even the flu. Sometimes it is caused by allergies and can last for more than 8 weeks. If you happen to be someone who faces this problem a lot, you know how annoying it is.

This is where Steam Therapy Inhalation once again comes to the rescue. The water vapor in steam makes you feel a little better as your body fights the infection. Remember, the steam can neither neutralize nor kill the infection. So make sure you don’t use steam inhalation therapy as an excuse not to see a doctor. Speaking of which, we talk about a lot of different things on Bestie. A few days back we did a video on things you can do to fight a global pandemic. If you haven’t managed to check it out yet, please do.

#3. Eases Irritation

One of the first things you notice when your nose has been stuffed with mucus is irritation. It is the kind of feeling you get when mucus has blocked your respiratory tracts. The irritation is often accompanied by an itchy feeling. This is why you should try this therapy. It helps your nasal muscles relax and ease irritation. This makes you feel more comfortable. When mucus blocks your respiratory tracts, it also blocks the flow of oxygen among the vessels. This causes your vessels to become swollen.

So the irritation that you get is basically your vessels’ way of saying, “I need more oxygen.” Steam inhalation can moisten your nasal passages, making the mucus lighter. Once this happens, the mucus loosens up and is forced to move. After that, your vessels need the oxygen supply they had been irritating you for. Who knew vessels could annoy you like that?

#4. Steam Inhalation Therapy cures bronchitis and other nasal allergies. Once again, it is the water vapor from the steam that is helping to relax the muscles in your respiratory tracts. It eases the irritation and provides relief from the pain and burning sensations. It also fights with headaches and stuffy nose. Some people even suggest that steam inhalation therapy can be helpful when dealing with cough and throat irritation. Going by all these facts, we’d have to believe that steam inhalation therapy is good for us.

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The Cons Of Doing Steam Inhalation

Well, it is good, but it does have some cons. Let’s take a look at them before we jump to any kind of conclusion. The Cons of Doing Steam Inhalation You may be thinking, what could go wrong with inhaling some water vapor? After all, we inhale water vapor all the time from the air.

Well, sometimes the air we inhale is polluted. So how can inhaling steam be dangerous? You see, there is a chance of getting scalded by the hot water. This only created more problems for yourself. This is why it is important for precautions to be taken. These include placing the bowl on a sturdy surface so it won’t be knocked down so easily. Your eyes are at risk as well. So make sure they don’t get exposed to the steam. Another thing that I would like to add is that it’s not for children.

As a matter of fact, it’s been proven ina study that children were at the highest risk of getting burned from the steam. On top of that, spilled hot water on sensitive skin is something you should try and avoid at all costs. It can trigger skin allergies or lead to infections, rashes, and other related issues. We don’t want to expand your medical expenses now, do we?

An Electric Steam Inhaler

Now, I have spoken about all the benefits, methods, and problems related to Steam Inhalation Therapy. Yet, there is something missing. Most of you live busy lives where managing time is difficult. If that is the case, you can try purchasing. YOU CAN PURCHASE IT HERE IN A VERY CHEAP PRICE or purchase below.

An Electric Steam Inhaler. It is easily available online or at medical stores. An electric steam inhaler is a gadget you can pour into and boil. Once boiled, you can switch off the device and inhale the steam.

Some steam inhaling devices come with built-in masks that can fit around your nose and mouth. This way you won’t have to worry about getting scalds or damaging your eyes. More importantly, it becomes safer for your children. Clean this machine regularly, as it can easily get dirty. Clean it once before use, and then once after. If you aren’t planning to use it for a few days, store it in a clean place.

So what do you think about getting steam inhalation therapy? Have you ever taken it? Are you considering it after reading this article? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!


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