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How to reduce weight: Welcome to your first issue of Belly Fat-Free. In each issue of this newsletter, We will learn valuable information on how you can successfully banish stubborn belly fat from your body for good.

Fact: Many people struggle with stubborn belly fat. It can be difficult to lose your belly fat; it takes time, effort and patience. There is no easy solution unless you want to submit to expensive surgery like liposuction, which often is only a temporary fix without maintaining a proper diet and fitness routine.

Stubborn belly fat must be lost more than one pound at a time through diet and exercise. There is three main way to lose your belly fat: regular exercise, reduced calorie intake, and abdominal exercises. Combine these and you will have the recipe for an effective weight loss plan.

In the begin to lose your belly fat, you should adjust your diet.  Keep in mind that high -calorie, high foods are a treat, not a daily food group. Take the time to clean out your cabinets and refrigerator remove any of these types of foods from your home.

If you keep them around, you’ll eat them. Consult your doctor or fitness trainer to fix an appropriate amount of calories for weight loss, and stick to this program. This reduced-calorie diet will help you to prevent new belly fat from building up. How to reduce weight

Next, you need to begin a regular exercise routine. Find some heart-pumping exercise that you enjoy, and incorporate it on a daily basis. You can also do different activities each day if you are easily bored. Be sure, however, to exercise for at least 30 minutes per day. How to reduce weight Your body burns energy from sugar for the first 10-15 minutes that you exercise. Only after that, it starts to begin burning the fat around your middle. The more cardio or exercise you do the more fat you will burn; it’s a simple equation.

After you have begun to lose your belly fat, you’ll have to begin a series of abdominal exercises. These exercises will strengthen your body muscles and lead to a lean, toned look. You can do these before you lose the fat, but you will not see any real results until you’ve lost the necessary weight.

How to reduce weight

Take the time today to begin to work towards better health. Consult a doctor and develop the diet plan that works for you. How to reduce weight Begin to incorporate regular exercise into your daily schedule. As you lose your weight, add in some abdominal exercises. Soon you’ll have a body you can be proud of. And say to your belly fat goodbye!

Reduce the intake of calories in the food but don’t reduce the intake of protein, vitamins and minerals. Drink ample amount of water throughout the day as it contains zero calories.


             Avoid fibre and leafy vegetables like fenugreek, spinach, potatoes and taro root (Arbi). Consume tomatoes in ample amount. Take only fruits, fruit juice and salad once a week. How to reduce weight Avoid chapattis, milk and tea once a week. Salad of cabbage, radish, tomato, carrot, seasonal fruits, ginger, green coriander, green chilli and lemon with rock salt and black pepper added on a regular basis.

            Avoid sugarcane or sugarcane juice, flour, jaggery, naseberry, sugar, grapes, mango, banana, dates raisins. Avoid food rich in carbohydrates. Food should contain less salt, sugar and should be less greasy. Strictly avoid sweets, ice-cream, biscuits, sugar, peppermint, chocolate, jam, alcohol and soft drinks. How to reduce weight Eat ample amount of salad with food. Avoid sleeping during the day.  

Do exercises that target that area to slim it down and make it look like you’ve had a great amount of abdominal fat losses. Strength training exercises that focus on the thigh muscles will help you burn fat faster everywhere. That’s because these are your body muscle groups and making them work more efficiently increases your metabolism.

Also, focus on the abdominal area with some crunches, and exercises like yoga and Pilates. These types of exercises will tighten those body muscles and make your entire belly area smaller. How to reduce weight Start small so you don’t hurt yourself, and then build up.

Doing all these things can help you achieve your belly fat loss goals much faster, and before you know it you’ll have a nice tight stomach with all the fat melted away.

Make sure you will be looking for your next issue soon. We will be talking about how eating healthy helps you lose stubborn belly fat. 

Along with all the above, To Reduce Weight, Instantly and Naturally IMC Company has unique Ayurvedic products, which is one of the best products of IMC Company.

Which known as IMC FAT AWAY KIT Which includes a list of Products.

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Stay Fit and Light Fat Away is the right choice to achieve your fitness and weight goals, naturally!


One of the hazards of our contemporary lifestyle is bad eating patterns, sedentary habits and lack of exercise. How to reduce weight Ever wondered if you had a companion who would help you lose that stubborn weight that finds its way into your frame unannounced?

Fat Away is the ray of hope that will help you achieve your weight goals in no time and that too, naturally! Laced with herbal ingredients like Aloe Vera, Guggulu, and Green Tea Extract, Fat Away works organically and hand-in-hand with your little efforts to increase metabolism, aid digestion, keep blood cholesterol in check and improve exercise performance to accelerate your progress of losing weight! Fat Away with its amazing health benefits is always the light choice!



Contains bioactive substances like caffeine that stimulates fat burn


  • For losing weight naturally.
  • Being 100% herbal, it has no side-effects.
  • Fat Away has potent detoxification properties that cleanse your system and supports digestion.
  • If you are in the process of lifestyle make-over, Fat Away wi
  • One of the most potent ingredients, it helps you burn calories by boosting metabolism


Aloe Vera Juice for a proactive and boosting immunity- promising health


Aloe Vera Fibrous Juice is a 100% natural, pure and stabilised product, is specially formulated which keep you healthy and active. Aloe Vera juice mixed with some few other exclusive ingredients, it improves health and eradicates weakness. With the benefits like boosting immunity, fighting digestive disorders, flushing out toxins from the body, and much more, Aloe Vera Fibrous Juice is the elixir that promises your holistic wellbeing. Aloe Vera has more than 200 unique nutrients, which are included 20 essential minerals, 8 essential amino acids, 14 secondary amino acids, enzymes and 12 types of vitamins. Its major ingredients Aloe Vera, Ginger, Tulsi, Amla and Stevia are useful in many health problems like: •

Obesity, diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol and heart disorders. • Cough, common cold, asthma, hair falling and hair greying. • How to reduce weight Constipation, joint pain, sciatica pain, and cervical. • Ulcers, liver disorders, nerves disorders pneumonia. • Tuberculosis, digestive system disorders, migraine, bronchitis, stone, and piles. • Eye disorders, kidney disorders, jaundice. • Skin disorders, blackheads, and acne. • Gum bleeding, sunburn, irritable bowel syndrome. • It protects the liver from the harmful effects. • Increases sexual capability, drive, and pleasure. Boosts stamina and strength. • Aloe Vera is a very good friend and a boon for women. Useful in leucorrhoea, regulating the menstrual cycle and increasing pregnancy capability. Bring home today your pack and live a fit and active life.


  • Improves health and eradicate weakness.
  • Helps the body deal with stress.
  • 100% natural, pure and stabilised product.
  • Boosts immunity and keeps the body away from diseases and infections.


Himalayan Berry Juice, has many medicinal properties that enable you to live young and healthy forever.


Himalayan Berry, also known as Sea Buckthorn fruit exquisitely formulated which your boost immunity and overall health. its a (SanjeevaniBooti) herb grows on the thorny bushes in Leh in the region around Sindh River, where the temperature is from (-34 C) to (-42C) and the oxygen level becomes very low, but God has kept Himalayan Berry fruit full of Oxygen so that people can fulfil their requirement of oxygen by its use. Its fruits seeds, bush and leaves are enriched with medicinal properties and used in medicines. Himalayan Berry is full of Anti-disease, Anti-ageing and anti-oxidant properties. It is called a store full of vitamins, oxygen and minerals particularly vitamin C.


The Himalayan Berry has 10 to 100 times more vitamin C as compared to all the fruits and vegetables in the world, which are a rich source of vitamin C. The content of vitamin C in Himalayan Berry is 20 times more than compared to, that in Amla. It contains more than 400 nutrients and is replete with various 25 minerals, vitamins- C, A, E, B-1, B-2, and 18 amino acids.

It is very useful for people of all age group and has no side effects. Enriched with all the essential nutrients, this juice helps you keep fit, healthy and active, and enables you to live longer. Himalayan berry rightfully deserves to be status of “superfruit”, it is packed with anti-ageing and anti-oxidants effects. The juice extracted from these berries which are 100% natural with no potential side effects. Excellent in eradicating physical, mental, and sexual weakness, it gives you the right kick to stay active all days. Get this pack today and bring home the nectar of good health & life.



  • Rich in nutrients, it helps boost your overall health.
  • Protects the liver,kidney and heart from various complications
  • Eradicates mental, physical and sexual weakness.
  • Helps prevent various health ailments like cold, obesity, blood pressure, breathing disorders etc.


Your daily dosage of good health. A power-packed superfood that builds immunity power from within provides daily nourishment and keeps you high on energy, all day long.


Aloe Spirulina is a gift from nature, which provides nourishment to the body and boosts immunity. How to reduce weight A 100% Ayurvedic superfood, it acts as an antioxidant and has high-spiralling long term benefits by providing the body with the daily essential nutrients. Spirulina is the richest and complete sources of nutrition. Spirulina is y rich in protein which contains 20 out of 22 amino acids, iron, magnesium, copper, calcium, vitamin and many other nutrients, which are essential for the overall development of your body. Get your pack of Aloe Spirulina and feel the change. Spirulina tablets contents:-

Aloe vera

The forever goodness of Aloe Vera blended with the science of Ayurveda for natural wellness. Nourishes the body, ensuring holistic wellbeing.


To enhance the functioning of the body and reducing stress, with various nutrients and antioxidants present in it. Loaded with various nutrients and antioxidants, Spirulina has several health benefits like curing heart diseases, reducing cholesterol, reducing blood pressure, improving muscle strength and endurance, etc.


To fight damage from free radicals and inflammation. Fights damage from free radicals and inflammation and also helps in boosting energy.

Why choose it?

  • Boosts immunity and helps fight anaemia.
  • Helps to increase eye vision and protects body cells from damage.
  • Keeps blood pressure in check and protects your heart.


A healthy family is the biggest asset. Treasure every moment with a healthy family.


Perfect happiness is a healthy family. IMC understands it well and has introduced IMC Herbal Protiwon For Complete Family enriched with Calcium and Vitamin D.


It reduces dental plaque and lowers blood sugar levels. It also reduces constipation. It may improve skin and prevent wrinkles.

Himalayan Berry

It is known for its antioxidant, anti-ageing and anti-disease properties. It is full of vitamins and minerals.


An ancient herb, it may increase muscle mass and strength. It may help reduce stress and anxiety. It provides numerous benefits for the body and brain.


Morning: Take 30ml Aloe Vera Juice,20ml Himalayan Berry Juice and 2 drops of Shri Tulsi with 500ml water.

Take 2 Tablets of Aloe Spirulina Regularly or you can use protiwon Power.

After an hour: Drink 2 glasses of Lukewarm water with spoons of honey and extract of two lemons.

Breakfast: Drink 200ml skimmed milk with a tablespoon of Protiwon Power. In case you feel hungry after breakfast: take Glass of lime juice.

Lunch: Take 1 Fat Away Tablet half an hour before lunch. Take hot bottle gourd or tomato soup before lunch. Eat 4 to 5 tomatoes and 2 to 3 cucumber before lunch and chew them properly. How to reduce weight Eat vegetables low in calories such as cauliflower, cabbage, baby pumpkin, bottle gourd, brinjal, carrot, reddish, beetroot, ladyfinger, pointed gourd with one chapatti or a slice of bread during lunch. Take one small bowl of taking green gram dal and non-vegetarians can take fish or chicken in small quantity. One small bowl of curd made from skimmed milk can also be consumed. You can also take mint chutney, lemon, without oil carrot and cauliflower pickle.

Evening: Take 200ml skimmed milk with 2 tablespoons Protiwon Powder 2 hours before dinner.

Dinner: Take 1 Fat Away tablet with water before dinner and follow a similar diet as lunch. Chapati can be replaced with oatmeal or porridge. Take regularly 30ml, Aloe Vera Juice and 20ml Himalayan berry at least 2 hours after dinner or before going to sleep. Drink 12 to 15 glasses of water during the day regularly to wash out toxins from the body through urine.



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