15 Amazing Health Benefits of Curry Leaves!

15 Amazing Health Benefits of Curry Leaves!

Curry leaves are widely used in Indian cooking. Most people think that curry leaves are only added for flavor and throw the leaves away while eating their soup or curry however they are far more important than many realize and offer a number of health benefits without any side effects in this article you will read about 15 incredible benefits of curry leaves for your hair and health.

1. They Help In Lowering Cholesterol Levels

They help in lowering cholesterol levels oxidation of cholesterol results in the formation of LDL or bad cholesterol in the body however curry leaves which are rich in antioxidants help in reducing the oxidation of cholesterol this way bad cholesterol or LDL levels get controlled or become low.

2. They Help In Improving Eye Health

Vitamin A is one of the essential vitamins for your eyes curry leaves are loaded with this vitamin and thus eating these leaves in your family diet may help in keeping your eyes in a healthy state.

3. They Help In Keeping Diabetes Under Check

They help in keeping diabetes under check consumption of curry leaves on a regular basis help in stimulating the insulin-producing cells these cells help in keeping the blood sugar levels under check.

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4. Help In Losing Weight

Thinking of losing extra weight well curry leaves may help do the trick these leaves work in two ways in making you look slender firstly these leaves help the body get rid of toxins and secondly help in burning the stubborn body fat.

5. Hair Care

Curry leaves are believed to help in strengthening hair roots dry curry leaf powder mixed with oil can be applied to your hair the paste from curry leaves can also be applied in cases of gray hair to slow the graying process doing these on a regular basis can improve hair growth as well.

6. Helps In Reducing Stress

All the people try to keep stress at bay but our busy lifestyles make it difficult to evade stress can lead to major health issues and these leaves may help you in controlling stress to the aroma of these leaves helps in relieving the symptoms of stress by calming your mind and body.

7. Helps In Healing Wounds Being

Rich in antibacterial properties curry leaves help in accelerating the healing process if you experience a burn cut or bruise curry leaves paste may not only help in healing but it may also help the infection from spreading.

8. Cures Acne

Curry leaves are the go-to herb if you have acne problems curry leaves antibacterial properties will help in fighting the acne-causing microbes and promotes healthy skin it also cleans the dirt from the skin pores which helps in reducing the acne problems adding turmeric with the curry leaves boosts the antibacterial properties of the curry leaves.

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9. Helps In Getting Rid Of Free Radicals In the Body

Helps in getting rid of free radicals in the body leads to many kinds of health ailments curry leaves are loaded with the presence of various vitamins like vitamin A B C II and antioxidants which help in protecting the body cells from any kind of free radical damage.

10. Help In Relieving Morning Sickness

If you’re feeling nauseous during your pregnancy curry leaves may help in reducing the symptoms consumption of curry leaves helps in the secretion of digestive enzymes which provides ease from nausea vomiting and morning sickness.

11. Help In Maintaining Gastrointestinal Health

Battling with digestive issues curry leaves may prove to be beneficial the digestive enzymes present in curry leaves are helpful in keeping the digestive health on track and the laxative properties proved to be effective in regulating the bowels if you are battling with tummy troubles such as abdominal pain gas or diarrhea try curry leaves.

12. Help in Congestion Of The Nose And Chest

They are power-packed with vitamin A and C and these leaves also contain antibacterial antifungal anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which are helpful in reducing the symptoms of congestion sinusitis coughs and colds.

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13. Dandruff

Curry leaves have several antifungal antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties when used on the scalp these properties help fight dandruff and minor scalp infections you can use curry leaves regularly to get rid of dandruff if you have a sensitive scalp curry leaves will help with that too.

14. Fight Cancer

The chemical found in curry leaves such as phenols are helpful in fighting cancers such as leukemia and prostate cancer one research study showed evidence of colon cancer-fighting properties in the alkaloid extracts from curry leaves.

15. Protect The Liver

Curry leaves can help offer a boost of protection from any attack by free radicals as well as from viral and bacterial attacks that can result in infection research on curry leaves has indicated that the tannins and alkaloids present in the leaves exhibited good liver health properties.

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