5 Shocking Disadvantages Of Eating Chicken: Side-Effects Of Eating Chicken

5 Shocking Disadvantages Of Eating Chicken

Eating Chicken regularly will help you stay healthy! But, we are concerned about today’s chicken! Can today’s chicken be part of a healthy diet? That’s the biggest question to be answered.

In this article, We will look into the 5 shocking reasons that will compel you to stop eating chicken. Now let’s list out those 5 powerful reasons that will make you think twice before purchasing chicken from the store!

Here Are 5 Shocking Disadvantages Of Eating Chicken. Check It Out :

5. Chicken Contains Bacteria that can make you Sick!

The Bacteria Ecoli and Salmonella are the main concern. There are no laboratory tests of any sort carried out for this harmful disease-causing bacteria by any authorities or government bodies. These bacteria can make you sick by producing diseases like Typhoid fever and other infections. Disadvantages Of Eating Chicken.

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4. Chicken Does not Lower Your Cholesterol

Many studies have shown that switching from red meat like beef to chicken has not shown to considerably lower your cholesterol or reduce your body fat. Here to remind you, am talking about the present-day chicken.

3. Chicken contain cancer-causing chemical arsenic

Yes! The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has admitted that chicken meat is filled with arsenic, a highly poisonous chemical that’s four times more toxic than mercury. Arsenic can lead to invasive squamous carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma, and liver, kidney, lung, and bladder cancers. Side-Effects Of Eating Chicken.

2. It’s Fake Meat! There are No Nutrients But Only Protein

The present-day Chicken grows for only about 2 to 3 months before they are consumed. Two decades ago, it used to take one year for them to grow before they were consumed. A decade ago, this period was reduced to 6 months before they were consumed and now present this growth period is reduced to 2 or 3 months. Disadvantages Of Eating Chicken

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1. Antibiotic and Hormone Treated Chicken- Antibiotic Resistance

As discussed earlier, the chicken is treated with antibiotics in order to make them grow faster. The high usage of antibiotics has led to an increased risk of bacteria developing antibiotic resistance.

The Bottom Line :

Pure Chicken can still be part of a healthy diet provided you purchase antibiotic and hormone-free varieties, preferably from local farmers or other trusted sources. But unfortunately, factory farming accounts for 99.9 percent of chicken raised for meat. Stay Healthy!

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Disadvantages Of Eating Chicken Disadvantages Of Eating Chicken Disadvantages Of Eating Chicken Disadvantages Of Eating Chicken

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