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Health Benefits Of Apple

Apples are known worldwide as a relatively cheap and readily available delicious fruit there’s hardly any person on the planet who’s never tasted it fresh or in the form of juice and apple pies are a pretty common dessert usually even gracing both formal and informal celebrations with their presence right but does an apple a day really keep the doctor away. This saying has been around for years and years but does everybody benefit from eating apples and are there any conditions under which it’s better to stay away from this fruit completely to finally answer your questions

Here are 10 facts about eating apples that everyone should be aware of to stay their healthiest.

1. Apple Gives You Essential Vitamins Needed For Your Body

Plenty of vitamins in a single fruit it’s true that apple contains a whole variety of vitamins let’s say you ate one medium-sized Apple you’ve consumed about 95 calories by the way along with a feeling of fullness for your stomach you get about 4 grams of vitamin C and a huge daily intake of useful microelements like manganese potassium and copper along with vitamins A E B 1 B 2 and B 6 it’s also one of the most easily digestible forms of iron apples are used not only for the Prevention of coals but also the treatment of severe ailments like malignant tumors a sufficient amount of potassium helps stabilize blood pressure.

2. Apples Strenghthen Your Brain & Improves Brain Functioning

Eat many apples to strengthen your brain many studies have shown that eating apples regularly improves brain activity these fruits contain a special antioxidant which prevents cell destruction. apple juice promotes the formation of an important neurotransmitter that significantly improves memory a 2008 study published in the Journal of Food Science showed that apples contribute to the prevention of Alzheimer’s isn’t that amazing.

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3. Apples Reduces The Risk Of Strokes & Normalizes Cholestrol

Heart and blood and vessels scientists have already proved that eating apples daily reduces the risk of strokes and thrombosis as it normalizes cholesterol levels in the blood. Experts estimate that apples are almost as effective in reducing mortality from heart disease as medications in addition eating apples prevents the formation of gall stones are cholesterol residues that are petrified and the fiber from apples helps to normalize cholesterol levels thanks to this the cardiovascular system also heals in one large study eating an apple a day was associated with a 28% reduction in the risk of type 2 diabetes even if you only eat a few apples a week there will be a similar protective effect.

4. It Keeps Your Stomach Healthy

Apples can help in curing gastritis especially the green varieties to do this you need to thoroughly wash the apples then peel and grate them eat the grated apples early in the morning dating anything for four hours before and after the apples prepare to have breakfast in the first month you eat apples in this form daily in the second month three times a week and in the third month once a week but all this should be combined with a prescribed diet that is to exclude spicy and salty foods fats coffee strong tea and freshly baked bread well okay if I must you should ask your doctor about this method to make sure you have all the necessary information.

5. Eating Green Apples In The Morning May Lead To Loose Weight

Eating apples equals losing weight the fiber contained in green apples takes a long time to be absorbed making you feel fuller longer unlike artificial diet powders. However it’s important to remember here that nutritionists don’t recommend eating apples after 4 p.m. they’ve proved that in this case your body simply won’t have enough to digest all the nutrients from the Apple by the way these fruits contribute to gas formation so don’t forget to take this into account when trying an Apple diet.

6. Eat Apples For Better Digestion System

Eat apples for better digesting due to the fiber and pectin contained in apples these fruits can help fight virtually any digestion problem they normalize the intestinal microflora and help to promote the good type of bacteria in our gut and due to the content of vitamins and apples such as carotene iron-manganese potassium and calcium they’re recommended for intestinal infections but still these apples can provoke disruption of the gastrointestinal tract so if you have some troubles with gastritis or a duodenal ulcer.

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7. Apples Help In Strenghtening Immune System

Apples help strengthen the immune system everyone knows what stress can do to a person bad mood low productivity inner health problems and much more but guess what apples can help here too due to the antioxidant quercetin which is found mainly in red apples these fruits can strengthen the immune system and help the body cope with the stress they also help to cleanse the liver in these situations to eat apples daily but know the limits despite all the beneficial properties of apples they shouldn’t be consumed without limits. Apples can do harm by causing spikes in blood sugar that’s why it’s better to avoid eating more than three apples a day.

8. Apples Gives You Essential Micro-Elements To Your Body

It’s better to eat any fruit in an uncooked way right but to diversify your daily ratio and keep consuming all the vital microelements that apples contain you can make juice or smoothies baked pies or make desserts you can even make chips out of the people in Italy eat briquette with apples and in India, they cook apple chutney just search the web and you’ll find a whole bunch of tasty things that are easy to cook.

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